Written by Alan DeKok, based on an idea expressed over beer with Michael Richardson.
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Subject: How to _really_ defeat the Borg (original)

  A friend and I were talking about the 'Star Trek:First Contact'
movie a few days ago, and we came up with the following sure-fire
method of how to really defeat the Borg:

  Allow them to invade the Jewish quarter of New York City.

  Here's a hypothetical conversation between a Borg and a good Jewish


Borg:   "You will be assimilated"

Mother: "Assimilate? We have been hearing that for millenia.
         Now, come have some Borsch!"

Borg:   "Resistance is futile"

Mother: "Don't be so negative!  All this talk of futility from someone
         so young, it just breaks my heart."


Mother: "Ah, my new curtains, what have you done?  What's wrong with you?
         There's no need to be such a schmuck to someone you've just met!"


Mother: "You look so pale.  Come, sit down and have some matzoh ball
         soup.  It'll warm you right up and put some color back in
         those cheeks."