Sandelman Software Works was formally founded in 1996 by Michael Richardson after a number of years of less formal work. Sandelman Software Works does consulting and contracting in TCP/IP networking and Unix systems. The company has done work in network design, network security and network security products. While security is the primary focus, systems internals (specifically device drivers) and software/hardware interfaces are secondary areas of expertise.

Sandelman Software Works is an open source shop

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Areas of excellence

unix internals
device drivers, data acquisition systems, network protocol stacks.
network security - access control
policy creation, firewall evaluation, installation, or maintenance.
network security/network architecture
How should you design your network to maximum both usability and security? You might be interested in the setup here.
secure systems creation/maintenance
we have a lot of experience building very secure service machines; web servers, email servers and the like. Unix/Linux based, or even NT. How do you maintain such systems? Can your firewall help? Or hinder? We've been there, done that. We put the emphasis on building systems that are maintainable.


Protocols and Standards

Operating systems

Rates depend on the job, and the total time commitment involved.

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