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Hi, my name is Liam Ronald Morris Richardson. That name is longer than me.

I was born on May 24, 2005, at 16:30 EDT. That's 1116966696 seconds since the Internet epoch.

My mass was 3125g (that's 6 pounds, 14 ounces).

My mom is doing well. She couldn't have an epidural, so she survived on a small amount of some lesser drugs that I can't spell. As far as I can tell, she did an excellent job. I couldn't see much, but I could hear her moans. My dad and my Grammy  were with her.

Labour started at 2:30am, and progressed rapidly at first, but at 9:30am, it had slowed, they used some pit drug (oxytosin) to help it forward again. By 2:30pm, I was getting squeezed pretty hard, pretty continuously. At 4pm, I got my head stuck (hey's, it was dark, and my eyes were closed), and they helped me with a suction helmet called a vaccuum.

I'm happy, cute, and I've got this breast obsession. My dad says it never actually goes away.

We came home on Thursday May 26, at 9:30pm.

If you come to visit me, don't expect a clean house. I can't vaccuum yet and mommy's too busy feeding and playing with me. She doesn't get too much sleep so she isn't as pretty as
she used to be. But I like her anyways. She's the gravy train!

I get frequent visits from my Softa (my daddy's mommy) and my grammy ..(my mommy's mommy) 

and my Aunt Rebecca (my daddy's sister); she made the nice quilt with my name on it) and my Uncle Devin (my mommy's brother). There are pictures of me with him. My mommy says that for my 19th birthday he has to give me a 2-4 of beer. Hey, I was born on the May 2-4!!!!!

I had some further adventures. By Sunday May 29, I had lost too much weight, gotten dehydrated, and I had to return to CHEO. My advice:  If the milk hasn't come in yet, then supplement after each attempt at breast feeding,.

On June 19, my baba Jennie came to visit with Uncle Justin. They are my daddy's step mom and brother. I have an Uncle Jason. I haven't met him yet. He's in Kingston at 
Queen's  University. 

On my 30th day in this world (June 23), I started to spit up, even hours after I'd eaten. We visited my doctor, and he sent us back to CHEO. At CHEO I   started to projectile vomit. I had an operation for pyloric stenosis, and came home two days later. Now I am finally able to get the food out of my stomach, and into one of my two hollow legs.

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