Some pictures taken in July

Sleeping on the job
Eating lunch at Dad's desk
at the cottage

In my Monkey PJs
with dad.
My hourly burping session.

Happy on the couch
Can you believe how big this couch is?
Look at my nice quilt!
I like to snuggle.

I really do.
Image 2005-07/liam_sit3.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_sit2.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_sit1.jpg

Never too early to start Harry Potter.
Well, actually, I fell asleep.
Sleeping on the desk.
Annabell likes to guard me.

She also likes all these naps.
Am I immitating her, or is she immitating me?
At the cottage.
With my Nana Alice.

Image 2005-07/liam_sleep3.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_sleep2.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_sleep1.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_fun2.jpg

Image 2005-07/liam_fun1.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_bee.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_lillian.jpg
There are four of us in this picture. You figure it out.

Image 2005-07/meaghan_brian_liam_lillian1.jpg
Image 2005-07/cottage_lilian_bri_meg2.jpg
Image 2005-07/cottage_lillian_bri_meg.jpg
Image 2005-07/cottage_with_lilian3.jpg

Image 2005-07/cottage_with_lillian2.jpg
Image 2005-07/cottage_with_lillian1.jpg
Image 2005-07/drunk_again1.jpg
Image 2005-07/just_so_tired.jpg

Image 2005-07/liam_reads_MrBrown_to_daddy.jpg
Image 2005-07/cheo2_sleep2.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_stretch2.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_stretch1.jpg

Image 2005-07/that_broken_iv_thing.jpg
Image 2005-07/cheo2_sleep1.jpg
Image 2005-07/justin_liam_snake1.jpg
Image 2005-07/liam_dad_red_gi.jpg