I think I got it

It took awhile to get all the pieces together, and put in a nice style, and then edit the style sheet a bit. I’m using Emacs Muse Mode to edit, and then I push into git, and my desktop renders the blog pages to static HTML.

Turns out the style sheet template I liked most was done by the Emacs Muse Mode author, Michael Olson…

I still have lots of tweaks to do, and fill in some blanks.

I had split my .muse files and my .blog files (which are not going to be .txt files, because reconfiguring pyblosxom to process .blog files seemed impossible) into seperate directories. I’m not sure that makes sense now.

My goal is to be able to write blog entries offline, and then git push them out.

Oh, yes… I never get an updated index.rss for the top-level, even though it creates the feed files for categories. Surely one can subscribe to my entire blog, not just a single article or category.

rendering '/blog/i_think_i_got_it.atom' ... rendering '/blog/i_think_i_got_it.html' ... rendering '/blog/i_think_i_got_it.rss' ... rendering '/blog/i_think_i_got_it.rss20' ... rendering '/blog/index.html' ... rendering '/index.html' ...

It also appears that the =$(calendar)= plugin is broken for static rendering, as it always seems to render August 2006, which is the first month of my blog… Clearly, older entries would need to be re-rendered to add the right calendar data. or the calendar needs to in inserted using an IFRAME, and and updated each time that month is updated.