Trying out GNU Emacs 23

For at least the last 15 years I have been an Xemacs user.
You can read elsewhere about the great GNU vs Xemacs split… I was solidly on the X/Lucid Emacs side of things. But, Xemacs gets no attention, and although it does 97% of what I want, I decided to try out the extra 3%.

For the past week I’ve been running GNU Emacs 23 at CREDIL. I still login to my desktop at home to run gnuclient -nw, to get access to the Xemacs running there, the one that has my email in it. Once I’m happy with GNU Emacs 23 here, I guess I will try it at home.

GNU Emacs has a bunch of Xemacs upgrade facilities… it reads and understands most of my .xemacs custom stuff, and it seems to update that stuff too, having adopted that entire subsystem.

GNU Emacs had a bunch of git integration, which while it seems like a smart thing, seems to an awful lot of file I/O operations, and worse, invokes git diff and bunch of things. This is a problem if your source tree happens to be over sshfs. I’ve turned some of it off, but there are more things which it seems to do… maybe a statfs to determine if the directory is remote and turn that stuff off by default would be wise.

I can not convince MUSE mode to accept the changes that I did a few months ago when I moved my bloxsom blog from a CGI to a static site, until I do that, this entry won’t get published.