Daddy went boom on his leg

I got home today around 6:30pm.

Liam ran to the front door to greet me, and then immediately started crying and poking his knee. He talked about a boom on his knee, and while I was wondering he then poked my knee and worried about my boom!

Such a very sensitive person. It’s really amazing.

Seems that he is feeling my pain. Only I’m not actually in pain, I just walk very slowly now.

It started on Saturday evening. Four and half hours into my Karate Black Belt test (at ) I jump backwards while sparring, and at the time (I think), someone else who is sparring near Ray and I, also jumps back. Only I jump first, and they land on me, and my left knee takes the impact.

My knee cap was on the side of my leg. Sensei Dom put it back, and the pain went away. I tried to finish the test using a spare brace, but that didn’t work, so I had to watch for the last 20 minutes. On Sunday morning, I didn’t get to take part in the demonstration at all, I had to watch.

I did receive my belt though. I am now officially “Sensei Michael”… If you like, you may approach and receive wisdom.

(see, )

On Monday, I saw a sports medicine doctor at the Carleton Sports Medicine Clinic. I got an X-ray this morning (along with my teeth cleaning), and saw my physiotherapist. Third injury in the past 8 months… To be fair to Karate, none of the injuries would have needed attention except that I didn’t want to stop training, and they prevented me from training.