Cooperix plans

For some time I have run an open source friendly co-location facility in downtown Ottawa. We depended upon SDSL lines to connect us to local ISPs that also have facilities in the downtown area.

We have decided for a number of reasons not to continue as a group. There is a business case for continuing, but we are unable to commit the time required to make it work.

There are still some customers, including ourselves, that we need to deal with, and want space. We were about to move equipment into a 19” rack at Cooperix, and so I started investigating renting a cabinet somewhere.

I have decided that I will rent some cabinet space from Storm, in their Courtwood facility.

It’s not far from my house, and we seem to have a good relationship with Storm. They have made it through some growing pains that they had two years ago, and seem far more stable than they were before. I will have 10Mb/s (likely burstable to 100Mb/s) service, and there will be a 30GB/month cap (at which point, we will have to discuss things).

I will have the following things in the cabinet:

  • router/firewall
  • primary and secondary DNS server
  • mailing list server/mail relay
  • serial console server
  • VPN/IPsec/OE gateway

Prices will be as follows:

  • $125/month for 1U server, including serial console.
  • $150/month for 2U server, including serial console.
  • $175/month for 3U server, including serial console.

Existing customers will be grandfathered at their current rate and server size for 1 year. For a very short period (until June 30), tower cases from existing customers will be transported to the new location, if you can not arrange to switch them to a rack-mount case in time.

The same IP address space will be used.

Customers who do not want to move will be credited on a pro-rated based upon April 1 termination.

As storm is also an ISP at Cooper Street, we will actually be able to transition easily, adding host routes as each system is moved. I expect the first date on which we can move things to be May 15, and the last date to be June 16.