Friends of incumbent Broadcasters

Dear Friends of TV,

I didn’t know that your organization was a front for Bell owned TV stations.

I thought it was about the CBC. I care about CBC radio. I care about the CBC RSS feed and web site. I was happy to donate $50 for your efforts last year, but I won’t be doing that again.

I don’t give a shit for TV. Seriously. Yawn.

CBC TV stations were typically privately owned affliates in the past, and they should return to being that, or fail.

I do not believe that netflix is getting a free “ride” — I think that Bell and Rogers’ owned TV conglomerates have simply failed to innovate, and without netflix, we’d be in an even worse situation. Even though CraveTV is now available without the illegal Tied Selling to Bell, it still is a complete flop.

People pay HST for their Internet connection, and they access all manner of content via it: twitter, youtube, BBC,

Tell me: did ROGERS ever pay their multiple millions they owed to the Cable Programming Fund? Did Rogers ever actually make Third Party Internet Access on their cable network actually work? Do Bell or Rogers actually provide 21st century (IPv6) Internet service to their customers? No. (Telus does, btw)

I am interested in programming, not century-old broadcast television stations. Quality of Internet service is the way forward: Internet service where you can actually do things like host your own TV show from your basement (think Wayne’s World if you like) is what local programming is about. Reasonable (and currently missing) systems that would permit micropayments to be easily made directly from reader to writer.

Duo/Monopolist systems of concentrated ownership and century-old intermediation are dead. I don’t see why your organization would be supporting horses and buggies.