Non-Review of Star Wars VII

When starting to write this blog entry, my blog workflow would ask me which of the 20 odd categories I want to put this in. I saw “defectivebydesign” and thought, “haha, that’s a good place”. Previously, this category has included reviews of: Amazon Users Tag, Canadian Blood Services, DomainsAtCost and the Huawei 1250.

Star Wars VII was fun. Good use of 3D, although I think that the Millenium Falcon chase seen on the desert planet (what was it’s name?) could have used more in-cockfit 3D, with Rae’s hands in the field of view, like a first-person shooter. Definitely, the later on Rae/Finn gun sequence should have totally been first-person-shooter… That is, they should have actually picked a well-known first-person-shooter (in a space ship, of course, maybe Lego Star Wars..) and made it exactly the same icons, etc.

Female-Yoda-With-Glasses. Okay. But why did they go there? Who is she? They should have at least had a small conversation about that.

Why did they have to have the same band as in the Mos Eisley Cantina? That part was simply LAME. It was at that point that I said… well… this has made a turn for the worse…. and really it never recovered in my opinion.

Planet Killer. Yup. We know from the books that the two Death Stars were not prototypes, that there was more super-weapons hidden away, and we know that there is a Hyperspace Planet Killer in a Correllian moon that Anakin Solo (Han and Leia’s third child in the books) could operate, and did operate by mistake. Takes genetics (thanks to Han’s strange past in the aristocracy) and use of the Force… So that part seems Canon to me. It would have been more interesting if they had actually had Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) operate and/or aim it…. it would have made the character far a more interesting part of the First Order. Otherwise, it’s not clear why Ben Solo is needed at all. Aiming a gun that kills things faster than light can travel would be hard… that’s where the force comes in.

Oh, and while it can shoot through hyperspace, and so kill planets faster than light, I see no reason why it should kill multiple planets with a single shot. But, even if it did…. those planets would NOT SEE each other blow up.

As for Kylo Ren; he’s clearly not dead, but I’d have liked them to have made that slightly more clear. The planet could have blown up slightly less completely.