Arnprior Solar Project

On my twice-summer pilgramage to Arnprior to fetch parts to fix things at the (Charlebois) cottage, I passed the Arnprior Solar Project. It is on Galetta (Side) Road, just east of old-Hwy 17. (is it’s new name 29?)

I never heard about this before… but they were all these metal easels sticking out of the ground with a cardboard box in front of each, waiting to be assembled.

Some links I found:

The company doing this is: which seems to be a French company of about 1700 people!

What amazed me is that this location is prime agricultural land. Not something I’d want to repeat that often, but as it’s the first of it’s kind in Canada, I guess it’s a good experiment. I wonder how it will stand up to snow load. I guess EDF will find out.