Mountain Orchard needed help, hit with frost

Today we went to Mountain Orchard. Alas, they had two problems: a very nice summer meant that the fruit was ready earlier, and frost meant that it was going to go bad on the tree, so they picked it all two weeks ago.

We could get windfall from the ground (half price) or apples in a bin, no picking from trees, alas. (I gotta note that the windfall on the ground, was often very good quality, and we came home with 30lb of windfall, and 10lb from the bins… not to mention the apple cider donuts…)

This is a place where social networks can benefit them: if we’d known 15 days ago, we might even have taken a day off work to visit, but we thought it would generally too early in the season. Facebook used to have groups, like the “Ottawa Network”, which could have gotten the word out.

Of course this would cost them a fee, but it would have been worth it, as they could have sold more fruit at the regular price, and well, gotten people to pick it rather than hire people to do the work…