Fantasy Tours + Travel

Many people in Ottawa have been getting ADAD’s calling them offering them cruises. You push 9 to talk to an operator.

These calls come from Fantasy Tours + Travel from Orlando, Florida.

Let me say that again for google: Fantasy Tours + Travel.

=*69= said the call was from 613 232-7437, but I think I’ve also gotten calls on my cell phone which were dead air from 613-232-7627.

Make no mistake — these calls are illegal. They are made by “Automatic Dialing and Announcing Devices”, which are not to be used for sales.


Automatic Dialing and Announcing Devices (ADADs): ADADs are equipment that store and dial telephone numbers automatically. They may be used alone or with other equipment to deliver a prerecorded or synthesized voice message to the telephone number called. ADADs are permitted when there is no attempt to sell, such as: * calls made for public service reasons, including emergency and administrative purposes by police and fire departments, schools, hospitals, or similar organizations, * calls to collect overdue accounts, market or survey research calls or calls to schedule appointments. ADADs used for the purpose of solicitation are prohibited, including calls made on behalf of a charity, radio station promotions, or calls referring the called party to a 900/976 service number.

Today, I managed to get Bell to actually take the complaint.

All my attempts to get the CRTC involved have been met with: “call the phone company”. Bell told me that I should call the police, but they aren’t interested.

I did not get a ledger number for my complaint, I will be calling back to attempt to get that. I will post that if I can.

I called 611 to get make a complaint.