WIND Holiday Miracle

Michael Richardson: what can you tell me about the Holiday Miracle Plan? WIND Mobile: Connection established. WIND Mobile: Initiating Call, please hang in there!. WIND Mobile: Connecting… WIND Mobile: Hey, Welcome to Live Help! A WIND Specialist will be with you soon. Michael Richardson: I hear that there is a $40 plan, which is unlimited calls and unlimited data. Tiffany: Hi there. Thanks for joining the conversation with WIND! Tiffany: I see you would like some information on the Holiday Mircale plan Michael Richardson: yes. Michael Richardson: I couldn’t find anything about it on the web site. Michael Richardson: I have the 100minutes plus unlimited data. Tiffany: It’s not listed on our website at the present time Tiffany: It includes: * Unlimited Canada-wide calling

  • Unlimited US Long Distance
  • Unlimited Canada/US Text messaging
  • Unlimited Canada/US MMS (picture messaging)
  • Unlimited Global Text Messaging
  • Caller ID
  • Unlimited WIND to WIND calling
  • Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way calling
  • Voicemail
  • Infinite BlackBerry or Infinite Mobile (depending on the device)

Michael Richardson: I really need more minutes, but actually can live with less data. Tiffany: for $40 Michael Richardson: sounds perfect. How do I switch to it? Michael Richardson: is the the $40 a special rate, or a regular rate? Michael Richardson: will I find myself paying more in 6 months? Tiffany: It’s a special rate Michael Richardson: what is the regular rate?

Tiffany: It’s more than a $95 value Michael Richardson: I understand it’s a good deal. Michael Richardson: How long does the deal last? Tiffany: The last day is Dec 26 Michael Richardson: what will I pay when the promotion runs out? Tiffany: It will go back to regular price Michael Richardson: what is the regular price? $95? Tiffany: more than $95 Michael Richardson: Please listen carefully. Michael Richardson: Is Wind going to give me this deal for $40/month forever? Michael Richardson: Or, like your %50 off on the 100 minute plan, only for 6 months? Michael Richardson: At the end of six months, what will I pay for the same thing? Tiffany: It’s forever but you would have to make sure your account is active Tiffany: on a monthly basis Michael Richardson: I see. Thank you! Michael Richardson: How do I sign up for it? </code>