Blue Skies parking

Last weekend was the 35th Blue Skies Music Festival. We went on Saturday for the day. I’ve been to this event since I was about 16 (yes, with my mom!). I’m 37 now. It’s a great place, and I was very excited for Liam, my 3 year old, to visit.

It’s his 3rd trip (we didn’t go when he was 2 months old), and this time was a bit familliar for him. He’ll remember it.

It was very rainy. We arrived at noon, just before the torrential rain. Oh well. That’s life. It cleared up between 3pm and 10pm, enough to enjoy ourselves.

What I do not enjoy is driving to Blue Skies. As a non-car owner, we have either rented cars, or gone with people who had them. This time we took a vrtucar. We stayed in Perth at a B&B on Saturday night, which involves 30 minutes of driving before we can sleep.

You can camp there, but it can be hard to get camping tickets. Camping involves bringing more stuff, which, alas, really means more/larger vehicles.

This year, they parked more of the weekend people on the road, and the result was a 2km long row of cars parked on the side of the road.
Some people parked on the right-hand side as well, which was really bad idea. Walking down the road, on the cloudy night at 10pm, to fetch the car, was a bit scary: dark (except for my “shaker” flashlight, and my freeswan keychain), except when a car came at you, at which point one was blind.

But, I kept wondering: why do I have to drive at all. Why do we have to have so many cars HERE?

It is time to organize a bus to Blue Skies.

Years ago, I wanted to cycle all the way there (strong cyclists can do it in a day from Ottawa, no problem. Go Friday, come back Monday). I wanted someone to take my stuff, however.

A bus might be able to take people, stuff, and stuff for cyclists.

Best would be to have several bus loads of people. If the buses are available, do not drive them back, but rather, park them there. The last bus could return, however, and take the drivers of the other buses back home.