Fido Dollars suck

Dear Fido:

Please cease telling me about my fido dollars. (I’ve received two emails in the last 24 hours)

Your fido dollars have no value. Not only are they not going to keep me as a customer — I prefer to have an unlocked phone, and I’ll pay for it.

In fact, your recent change to prevent me from spending my credits on whatever I want means that I will look for alternate GSM providers as soon as they appear.

I’d gladly trade my 284 fido dollars for a bluetooth headset, (now required in Ontario), and I tried to do so a year ago. You changed your rules without any real notice last March.

But, it’s hard to pick the right headset when you can not see it. And I can not redeem through your stores. and your web site was totally useless.

No, I do not think Fido Cares about me. I think Fido is busy humping Ted Roger’s leg.