Estimating software mis-licensing is hard

Editor, Communications of the ACM Dear Editor, Re: Bagchi et al. "Global software piracy ...", June 2006, pp. 70-75. We are extremely concerned that a peer-reviewed magazine from an apparently serious professional organization would permit the publication of a report that predicated its research on data from a single source that has a vested interest in magnifying apparent losses due to activities they characterize as "piracy". For one critique, see Business: BSA or just BS?; Software piracy, The Economist. London: May 21, 2005. Vol.375, Iss. 8427; pg. 78. We do not doubt that there is unauthorized copying of copyrighted materials. However, estimating its true level is difficult. Multiple approaches and sources are needed, and the methods need to be fully open to review. Yours, Prof. John C Nash, Dru Lavigne, Russell McOrmond, Charles MacDonald, Michael Richardson, Raymond Wood,