Google Chromium from X-over office

I tried the codeweavers (authors of the X-over office) version of chromium on my debian etch machine. It is at:

and I installed it with dpkg -i. It showed up in my GNOME-panel, and it appears to run

/opt/cxchromium/bin/wine c:/chromium/chrome.exe --no-sandbox --in-process-plugins

I’m guessing that they did not recompile it under wine with libraries. I wish that they had. There are instructions for installing chrome with wine, but they don’t work on debian etch (you need a newer wine, and some newer libraries).

The biggest problem seems to be that many of the drop-down menus do not wait for the cursor to move — that is, if you are in google maps, and you go to the “By car/Transit/Walking” menu, that it doesn’t wait for you to pick the item you want. You have to hold you mouse down to change the combo box.

The other problems are that the window can not be resized, and the bits all kinda look a bit squashed.

I wish I had time to work on the Linux port myself.