Mordor brightens

Robert Weissman writes in corp-focus that:

Yes, the skies over Mordor are now brightening.* There is an almost palpable, physical sense of relief with the confirmation that the end of the Bush era is at hand. And the election of an African American to the highest office in the land is an act of racial redemption that was almost unimaginable two years ago.

I felt it too. I watched bits and pieces (some of it at Doug Yuill’s house with a bunch of progress/ogwifi people), and some later on at home.

I felt myself breath easier. Robert Weissman quotes Robert Kuttner

In his book Obama's Challenge, economic journalist Robert Kuttner rightfully argues that the choice for Obama is to be bold or to fail.

I sure hope that the “infrastructure” focus is on sustainable infrastructure. I know that Robert Weissman gets that, but will the US Senate?

Joe Bidden is a regular Amtrak user. What is the official residence of the VP? Does he have one? Will he continue to travel from Delaware by Amtrak? Wouldn’t that be cool… “Air Force 2” — is a train.