Oliphant's final comments to Mulrooney

Justice Oliphant asked Mr. Mulrooney,

Mr. Mulroney, you’ve been on the stand for I think the longest of any witness I have either been involved in as a lawyer or in 24 years as a judge,” Justice Jeffrey Oliphant told Mulroney at the inquiry in Ottawa.

I want to assure myself before you leave, sir, that you feel, despite probing questions that may have been asked, that you leave here feeling that you’ve been treated fairly and with respect.”

Mr. Mulrooney then replied:

The probing questions I thought were appropriate and didn’t either bother me or offend me in any way. So the answer to the question is very much in the affirmative. And I thank you sir for your kindness.”

Well, I could never be so nice. I guess that’s why I’ll never get to be Prime Minister.

see http://www2.macleans.ca/2009/05/20/oh-sure-its-all-kiss-n-hug-now/