Amtrak trip to New York state field

It’s 3:35pm. We’ve been sitting in a field in upstate New York State for 45 minutes. Finally, the northbound train just passed us, and we are now proceeding. I guess this is because we were too late to get to the next passing track.

I think we were late leave, the train bridge was under construction, so we were slow leaving, and the border crossing at “Rousse Point” was very slow. 2 hours, I think.

PLEASE, can we not work something out so that US border guards get on the train in Montreal, and work as the train moves?

I understand that there are issues with the US boarder guards being armed… well, the Canadian ones are now (unfortunately, I think) now also armed. At least, could we arrange for Canadian immigration to board at Rousse Point, and process people while the train moves?

(Finally, at 3:50pm, after going around some more of Lake Champlain, we got to Port Henry. I think we are 4 hours late now… Apparently there is no train on Thursday/Friday due to track work. I hope they can improve things)

(we pulled through Albany at 7pm, very late, I think)