La Ronde -- montreal expo island roller coaster

I went to La Ronde last night after my talk. $25 after 5pm, $20 if you buy online. (Internet at my hotel was stuffed, so I couldn’t buy online)

Take Metro to BERI-UQAM, and then take Yellow line south one stop to the island, then take 167 bus “La Ronde” for 5 minutes. It’s too far to walk, alas. I got there at 7:30pm, alas. I wish I had got there earlier. (There were plenty of buses at 9pm to deal with the people leaving when the park closes)

I managed to ride “le Monstre” which is one of the larger wooden roller-coasters in North America, apparently. It is fast. They had only one of the two tracks running, otherwise, you’d be “racing” the other track.

I also rode the Goliath, which is a metal coaster. It’s not as fast overall, but it has more up-gforces.. I.e. you get weightless as you go over the rises. You are almost standing. I didn’t get to ride the one where you hang, and your feet are out, and you go up-side-down.

I did see, next to the Goliath, a diving pool spectacle. It’s called Y’Eau. Now I know what happens to retired Olympic divers. Very cool… I just sat down there to finish my food before I lined up for the Goliath… line ups on Monday were not bad… 25 minutes each…

I gotta go back.

I gotta go back with Liam when he is tall enough to ride! I hope he will be into roller coasters.