Meaghan Charlebois

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Meaghan Charlebois, otherwise known to MCR as Monkey
One of my favourite childhood characters was Curious George. My parents also thought  I was rather simian (monkey) looking when I was born.


 Michael and I live on Dawson Ave. Its a great street !
 We love your house. These pics are from when it was for sale and we bought it. We obviously have different furniture.



.Dancing Bear


  Michael and I would also like to announce the birth of our son LIAM RONALD MORRIS RICHARDSON
All of our time is taken up by him !!
 I had an easy pregnancy despite the Factor Five Leiden, but many many thnaks to the nursing staff at the high risk unit, Dr G Tawagi
and the online support mailing list on yahoo groups. (

Until April 2006, I am on maternity leave from my job at TERAPIA otherwise known as Ottawa Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Inc at Bank Medical Centre