May 1 to May 16 saw ACME visit the islands of Greece: Paros, Santorini, and Crete.

We have some 300 pictures from the trip. About 85 of them are currently online and sorted into days they were taken. Another 200 need to be converted from Seattle Filmworks format to Jpeg. This takes awhile since Seattle Filmworks hasn't deemed it useful to provide their pictures in a standard format that Unix can convert in batch mode, so one must sit with a mouse and click through them...

Eventually, there will be a naration for the pictures. For now, enjoy:

  1. May 1: Left Ottawa
  2. May 2: London
  3. May 3: Arrived in Piraus (Athens), trip to Paros
  4. May 4: Aliki Beach, Paros
  5. May 5: Golden Beach, Drios on Paros
  6. May 6: Leaving Paros, arriving Santorini
  7. May 7: Santorini
  8. May 8: Arrival at Iraklion (Crete), trip to Matala
  9. May 9: Matala
  10. May 10: Festos
  11. May 11: Leaving Agia Gallini, Rethymno to Hania
  12. May 12: Hania
  13. May 13: Samaria Gorge
  14. May 14: Hania
  15. May 15: Hania and the overnight ferry trip
  16. May 16: Athens and the trip to Heathrow
  17. May 17: Surrey and the trip home

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