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Network plan
Sun3 running NetBSD/sun3. No more SunOS. My original Unix machine. Named because the pizza box that comes in was stacked as part of rather elaborate tower of equipment (including a filing cabinet, drive box, printer stand, modem rack), yet this was not a tower case. The rumour that this machine was named for a girl I once met is false. I deny it.

Latour has a six year old 660Mb Fujitsu drive on it. I've had the machine since fall of 1990. This is mostly just an X terminal now.

Sun3 running NetBSD/sun3-current. My main CPU workhorse. X displays over to latour. 1Gb drive, 24Mb ram. Alas, 20Mhz CPUs just aren't fast enough for everything, but they do pretty well.
A 486/50 with a 1.6Gb IDE drive running NetBSD/i386 1.2. This is now my machine with the modem, the UUCP, the web server, mail server, the dialin accounts. I allow other people to use the machine. Latour and amaterasu are MCR only machines to minimize the security exposure.
A P5/133 with a 2Gb Ultra-Wide SCSI drive running NetBSD/i386 1.2. Primary NetBSD development machine. Gandalf, Saruman, and Radaghast are members of the "Istari"
A 486 kernel test machine with a serial console.
A 486 kernel test machine with a serial console. Elrond's brother who decided to be mortal.
Notebook. 486/33 mono. Named for that creepy evil guy on Babylon 5. Bought used. Runs NetBSD/i386.
Wimpy guy. Think twit on Married with Children. A 386/33. Bought it in 1992 to run 386BSD 0.0. If the machine wouldn't boot 386BSD I wouldn't buy it. This is currently my router. It has a wimpy 16550 card in it with a borrowed Bitsurfr. A Spellcaster Datacommute/BRI will replace this as soon as a driver is written. No formal firewall anymore, bud runs some simple filtering.
A 286. Runs DOS. Ms-kermit with TCP/IP. (Better terminal emulation than NCSA telnet). Meaghan uses it. We'll get her something better. Brian is a PC. Brian Mulrooney was a PC. Monty Python did a movie about a guy named Brian. I like to think of Brian as being Last of the PCs.
A 486. Runs DOS/Windows. Administrative and misc test machine.


All the equipment is actually in the basement, on a set of metal shelves. Latour's monitor and keyboard are upstairs in my study thanks to long monitor cables. Brian lives in the dining room. A 486 running Windoz may eventually show up in Meaghan's office.


Previously I was sandelman.ocunix.on.ca. This is still valid, but since ocunix.on.ca was really a UUCP domain umbrella, I've finally moved away from using it, and now have registered sandelman.ottawa.on.ca.
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