Cooperix reconnected to Ottix

A 100Mb/s link was installed on October 12 connecting’s facility to the Ottawa peering point,

The link carries IPv4 traffic to a number of Ottawa area ISPs, as well to the federal GigaPOP (and many federal departments), the NRC, as well as Universities and colleges. Talking to local people should faster, except of course, if they are on a monopoly ISP like Bell Sympatico or Rogers.

As well as IPv4 traffic, there is now native IPv6 traffic flowing over the link. If you have an assigned IPv4 address, you can get an automatic IPv6 address by either loading ipv6 support (under Linux: insmod ipv6), or on *BSD, you can start “rtsold”.

If you want a static IPv6, take the prefix that is given, and append your IPv4 last octet to it. So, if you are, then your static IPv6 address will be: 2001:some:stuff::0004/64. If you configure a static IPv6, you’ll need to configure the default route too, which is 2001:some:stuff::132.

See the graphs at for traffic flow trends.