VMware server 2.0 beta

I installed VMware server 2.0 beta (p-84186) on a machine. It doesn’t use the vmware-server-console application to talk to it.

It uses a web interface.. I found the web interface uninteresting. I tried to open an existing VM that I had built on it and it failed.

Do I really want to run a VNC client in my web browser to access the consoles? No. Do I think that that they will drop Linux support and become IE7 only? Yes.

Alas, this machine doesn’t have VT extensions (or at least, doesn’t have a BIOS that supports that for the XEONs inside), so my original plan to run XEN with HVM will fail. Unfortunately, I need to support some native kernels due to customized patches to the kernels, so I can’t use paravirtualization, as much as I’d prefer to.

Summary: I don’t like VMware server 2.