Huawei U1250 -- not so good afterall

Three weeks ago I switched from Rogers/Fido to WIND. While I had purchased an unlocked quad-band Motorola RAZR back in 2007 in anticipation of more open competition in GSM, this didn’t help me. Anyway, I moved with a T-Mobile UMTS Android G1. After that success, I wanted to move my wife too.

Her Nokia (locked to Fido) was not going to do UMTS, so she needed another phone, alas. We picked a Huawei U1250, and everything seemed good for a few days. She liked the size, the weight, and the headset that came with it. To play music, we needed a microSD card, and fortunately I read the instructions which told me that 8GB was the biggest it would take. I bought two (one to upgrade my G1), and they arrived today.

We plugged it into her Ubuntu Hardy desktop with the USB cable. Up pops a window, and I think we are golden. Oops. It’s a CDROM image, with windows drivers. Maybe there are Mac ones there (is that what ‘res’ folder is?) too, but I can’t tell.

DUMB. DUMB. DUMB. DUMB. Make it a USB DRIVE. Then it’s totally useful. Imagine, you go to the grocery store with your… PHONE CAMERA and plug it in, and guess what… it just works, and you make print outs.

Okay, we got out the microSD/USB adapter and copied some things to the card. I copied some ogg and some MP3. Guess what… yes, you guessed it, ogg fails. Even some of my MP3s didn’t work.

My opinion: don’t buy a Huawei U1250. It has only been five days, and I may try to return it.