How to get guck off your eye glasses

I wear a nice pair of [[][English Beaufort]] cable temple eyeglasses. I bought them in 2003 online, and go the lenses done locally.

My optician (“Bastien/Prizant”) refused to find or order me what I wanted. Nor could I find any other dispensing company that would help me. I did come in to get the lenses made by them, but they were even less helpful there – promising to get them done before I travelled to Vienna, but in the end, I had to pick them up on the way to the airport!

They probably whine about how they are loosing business to the Internet, yet the real reason is lack of service.

A service I’d pay for is to have my glasses cleaned. Taken apart and have the green guck removed from the nose pieces and from between the lense and the rim. Sure, I should wash my glasses more often, but it’s damn hard to get into some of those small crevices, and I forget.

I took them apart and I set the screws and lenses apart. The lenses should have an anti-glare coating on them, and you should use only really mild stuff on them. I use monitor cleaner, since monitors should have the same type of coating on them.

I put the frames in a large glass of water and added to dish detergeant. I then added some vinegar.