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RFC3586, RFC4025, RFC4322, RFC5386, RFC8366 RFC8415. Critical contributions to RFC5660. Faciltated publication of: rfc6719, rfc6997, rfc6998, rfc7731, rfc7732, and rfc7733 for as ROLL WG co-chair (2012-2016). and rfc7733 for as CELLAR WG co-chair (2018-).
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My beautiful Monkey woman

Our son

``I hate paper mail and don't often answer phones''
Disks are for data
Paper is for bathrooms
- Tom Bayston Jr.
``Not afraid to get engaged in a conversation''

If this description doesn't sound like the Michael Richardson you know, then may it isn't. See our list of clones

Michael has worked for, and owned Sandelman Software Works since the fall of 1996. Much recent work involves mesh routing for IoT: Unstrung

Since the fall of 2009, Michael has been a maker member at CREDIL. CREDIL is a non-profit open source research lab. CREDIL maker members are engaged directly by a variety of primary industry innovators.

Michael joined XDSInc / SIMtone in the spring of 2007, and left in the fall of 2009. The company had such promise, but ran out of money. SIMtone was in the desktop virtualization business, and the Ottawa business Unit under Misha Nossik had the goal of selling to the public.

Michael works at his home office. The commute has its own problems - not enough exercise. In 2002, Michael took up Karate. He got his first dan in 2007 (black belt) at Douvris Westboro, and his second dan in 2012 I wrote an essay about being a black belt. And also one for the test.


Michael started Xelerance Corporation in 2003, and left in 2008.

Michael's third venture, Cooperix was started in 2002. It closed in 2008: EC2/SliceHost/Linode and iWeb provide better service at lower prices, just don't ask for a serial console.

Michael has worked on the Linux FreeS/WAN since August 2001, and has been the technical lead since April 2002. The FreeS/WAN project has as its goal secure 5% of the Internet traffic against passive wiretapping. The project has been funded by John Gilmore until June of 2003. Subsequent work has been supported by The Public Software Foundation.

Michael got involved in his second startup, Solidum Systems Corporation in 1998, doing multi-gigabit packet classification hardware. He spent time as software designer, chief software designer, and finally as lead field application engineer. He left in the summer of 2001. Solidum Systems was acquired in the fall of 2001 by IDT. Michael lost 4% per share, which isn't great, unless you compare it to Nortel!

Michael (in the guise of Sandelman Software Works) did a lot of consulting for SSH Communications Security working on their IPsec Express. SSW is no longer directly involved with the IPsec Express product, having gotten past the prototyping and proof-of-concept stages. Sandelman Software Works is still involved in the IPsec standardization process.

At one point, he was involved with Milkyway Networks. BlackHole versions 1.1 and 2.0 were created under his technical leadership. See the resume for more details. Later work involved so-called "advanced research", and you may want to look at my bibliography of network performance related papers. Michael made some money on this deal, despite Milkyway going public at $13 and dropping to <$2 before he could sell.

Michael Richardson was involved in the journal Conservation Ecology

Michael prefers a nice bicycle ride home, anytime of year. Michael was president of Citizens for Safe Cycling (CFSC) from 2001 to 2002, and past-president in 2003. Michael was treasurer from 1997 to 2001.

Cycling has many other benefits, one of which is that it reduces our culture's dependancy on Cars and oil.

Maybe you'd also like to check out the Auto-Free Ottawa webserver. Reading about The full cost of the car can be quite enlightening.

But there are many days (both too hot and too cold) when it is prudent to take transit. Yeah, it sucks.

Michael Richardson used to be a fourth year combined physics/computer science geek. He finally managed to find the spare cycles to finish the degree in fall 1995.

If you are setting up an account for me, and you have SSH installed, then please just install my >SSH public key in the .ssh/authorized_keys file.

Current personal projects

Home ownership.
The no so new house.
The railroad.
The plan done with Xtrkcad. Some old see pictures.

Old personal projects

I do some work on community networks with OX.
Honours Project
Fourth year project in Physics is a classical simulation of a quark flux tube model. I made a picture of some of my some of my data. I have already been graded, but the fundamental question remains unanswered. Work continues.
I wrote a final report.
I did a lot of screaming
Algebra Assistant
On and off I work on something I call an algebra assistant. A sort of electronic chalk board: something that deals with the nitty gritty details of doing algebra, leaving the thinking and exploring to the human. This is contrasted with MathCad or Mathematica which seem to be really just sophisticated calculators. This system is written in Self. A class-less language developed at Stanford, but which seems to have disappeared from Stanford as its principals moved to Sun Reseach. See http://www.sun.com/research/self/index.html I just used a neat latex2html translator to translate a short report I wrote. I also used it on the final report that I wrote. [Warning: lots of inline images]

Other Interests

Journalism, Baroque music, folk festivals, woodwind quintets, triathlons, ham radio, cross-country skiing and debating.


We went to Greece backpacking in 1996. Seems like a very long time ago..

We are thinking about going to Chile. Backpacking might be too difficult, but driving around seems too boring. Bus? Bicycle isn't really an option either.

Maybe Ecuador?


I keep my hot list as a kind of an LRU cache. Whenever I pull things out of old hot lists, I put them on my newest hotlist. I roll my hot lists several times a year.

Oh gosh. TWENTY years of web surfing.

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